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Clothing, footwear & accessories


Parker Lane provides specialised returns management solutions. Returns require sorting, quality control, repackaging or reworking and recycling to maximise the retail value of the returned clothing, footwear and accessories and minimize value erosion.
Parallels™ is our formal platform geared to handle returned merchandise due to damage, seasonal inventory, restock, salvage, recalls, and excess inventory. It also includes recycling programmes and asset recovery solutions to make sense of this complex stream and add value to your reverse logistics.

Data –  a true value driver

Parker Lane has invested in IT systems which help identify revenue through a combination of intrinsic value coupled with both tangible and intangible value considerations of our partners’ exit route requirements.


Parker Lanes’ systems continue to evolve and innovate to uncover hidden data to adjust to new realities within this industry and help understand the strengths and weaknesses of our partner organisations.


Data harvesting and sharing this intelligence can drive higher returns in a complex world and help guide overall strategy.




Parker Lanes’ facilities realise the potential of every garment by up-cycling material from traditional waste streams. We help extend the lifecycle of the material by following these binary principles: reduce, reuse and up-cycle.