Parker Lane Group | Business Intelligence
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Business Intelligence


Data Science

We all understand the importance of data, enterprises sit on a goldmine of valuable information, but this data is often raw and unrefined. The challenge is realising the potential of this data, but first it must be retrieved, cleaned, refined and then delivered to those who need this intelligence to shape new commercial strategies.


Many organisations are still squandering the value of data simply by not having a full understanding of what they have and how it can be utilised.


Parker Lane has been developing its own data management platform which mines data, both in and out of the business to gain insights, develop new strategies, and cultivate actionable business intelligence to improve returns, and create all round value across its business services and ergo its partners.


Parker Lane shares the business intelligence to help you understand the market, competitors and material profile. The better the information you have and understand, the more able you are to utilise resources efficiently and effectively.