Parker Lane Group | Exit Routes
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Exit Routes


Our Marketplace

Parker Lane distributes and sells material to a variety of different markets across the world. Our presence in these markets puts us in a strong position to handle narrowing permissible exit criteria, which becomes so uncompromising that it essentially dictates the means of trade.


Parker Lane continues to diversify its marketplace to handle volumes in a safe manner in areas which are agnostic to our partners commercial footprint.


The markets we operate in offer a stable and scalable platform for the resale of redundant stock. Our code of ethics determines our customer base and we only transact with customers who demonstrate responsible business practices that benefit their communities.


Parker Lane’s base of customers allows our suppliers to be sure that not only is their redundant material getting reused in line with industry best practice, increasing its lifespan and avoiding items being unnecessarily sent to landfill, but that it is also being sold in markets in which the supply of textiles benefits the local community and ethical micro distribution of wealth.