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In Store

Parker Lane offers “EcoCube” – a Zero-Waste, ‘white label service’ with considered design improvements, giving our partners ease and flexibility to pick and choose which charities to support with minimum fuss.


EcoCube is likely the most resource efficient recycling platform and delivers the following value:


  • fewer unnecessary freight miles
  • fewer carbon emissions
  • lower energy and fuel bills
  • reduced costs
  • more visibility and reporting
  • more customer value
  • more goodwill
  • more money to charities


Investments in technology means unlike the traditional market, EcoCube recycling points run at optimum efficiency which eliminates waste and littering issues in and around recycling areas.


EcoCube will support current CSR to a completely new and native level. With end-to-end accurate data reporting throughout the chain: PLG QC’s and sorts the clothing in-house which harvests meaningful environmental data from its recycling programme and reports this back to our partners.


For the consumer, EcoCube provides an easy, efficient, stable, environmentally conscious and reliable platform to monetise unwanted clothing, handbags and footwear


For the charities, EcoCube: raises more money pound-for-pound for good causes than traditional supermarket recycling programmes and as the ‘feel good factor’. Efficacy is important to promote donations and donors must feel that their contribution is valid and makes a positive impact