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Privacy Policy

Data Protection Statement

At Parker Lane it is imperative that any information on employees, customers, suppliers, other business partners and all persons who visit our web site or contact us in one way or other are protected and that all information is used in strict confidentiality and only in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. This applies in particular to personal data for which we adhere to the relevant data protection regulations.


When you visit our web site, the only information requested, processed and used is that which we need to be able to present what we do and our goals in the best possible way for you. When you have left our web site, this data (IP address, sites visited, links used, language setting, information on the browser used, web site visited before and afterwards, date, time and duration of your visit on our web site, …) is only used to further develop our web site accordingly and adapt it to your needs. Your information is evaluated only in terms of statistics. The data is not evaluated with regard to you as an individual.


On some of the pages on our web site you are directly requested to enter personal data. The services offered here are not available without this information. In individual instances a cookie may be stored in your computer system, provided that your browser settings permit such storing. The cookies for example serve to avoid the repeated display of information or to optimize the presentation of the information on your computer system. Such cookies merely contain an indication that certain information has already been displayed or they contain data for the technical optimization of your computer system. If you do not want to accept these cookies, you may prevent the transfer of the cookies by setting your browser accordingly. In that case you will generally not have any further disadvantages.


Insofar as on individual pages of our web site, cookies are additionally used for storing your personal data, please note the specific details given on such pages.


External service enterprises are involved in the design and operation of our web site. These enterprises have access to your data for the purpose of carrying out this work only. Under no circumstances will these enterprises use your data for other purposes.


We must also point out that our web site may contain links to third parties for which the above statements do not apply.