Parker Lane Group | Recycling Initiatives
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We offer four easy platforms to help you recycle clothes today and raise money for your charity or school as well as helping the environment we live in.

Online recycling helps you earn money through responsible everyday decisions with two free and easy to use platforms.

Zero Waste

ParkerLane also runs an innovative closed-loop recycling scheme, whereby we offer retailers and corporations the chance to generate return custom and customer goodwill whilst actively engaging in positive “green” behaviour.


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Investing for the future

By being at the forefront of the recycling initiative, we are preparing for a world in which recycling is no longer a hobby but an everyday reality, with infrastructure and research capable of supporting our responsibilities to the environment.

  • In Store
  • Robust, ethical and environmentally conscious recycling
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Lowest CO2 footprint per kilo of collected clothing in the UK
    • Flexible design allows easy sponsorship collateral changeover
    • Bespoke IT system

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  • In school
  • Fun, free and easy recycling initiative raising money for schools
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Help build a better tomorrow through education
    • Working in partnership with F&F and Tesco schools
    • Bespoke IT system

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  • Corporate
  • Bolster CSR by placing free collection bins in your offices today
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Starting a corporate recycling initiative is easy and hassle free
    • Raise money for good causes & help the environment
    • Bespoke IT system

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