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Retail Consolidation


Closed Loop

As part of our growth strategy Parker lane is investing in robotic storage systems such as a miniload storage and retrieval system, which represents the next generation of highly flexible, energy-efficient buffer staging technology.


Designed to provide high density, compact storage while supporting high input and output rates. It also features a new load handling device that accommodates a range of trays, totes and cartons sizes.


This investment in our logistics infrastructure will provide a world-class fulfilment service to our clients and support future capacity for growth.


Parker Lane will consolidate and fulfil to both ‘brick’ and ‘click’ partners through a flexible and environmentally friendly solution.


Returns are complex and present risks to a brands equity if not handled responsibly. As an added benefit Parker Lane will concurrently dispose and monetise returns without any risk to your supply-chain and our experience in this field assures the best salvage rates without the risk of cannibalising existing sales.


Please click here to find out more about Parker Lane’s Returns Management.