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Returns Management



Return+ is Parker Lane’s service platform and draws on tacit understanding of the push and pull of returns on retailers and how to maximise value while simultaneously reducing risk from a complex; diverse returns stream.


Returns are a real and growing challenge and with overall online return rates of between 25% and 50%, they present a challenge that could determine the future of your business.


Increasingly, consumers view their homes as changing rooms. The advent of  ‘zero quibble’ returns creates a sense of expectation for seamless service and rapid refunds. The final customer touch-point with a retailer is the returns process.


This battleground is often overlooked along with the competitive advantages this brings to forward thinking companies prudent enough to identify challenges and design solutions.


Most retailers plan and expect an orderly, efficient and cost effective flow of material. Warehouses were designed with this model in mind. Parker Lane’s systems are geared to deal with returns which are:


  • High volumes of arbitrary items
  • Erratic assortment
  • Discursive quality profile


Processing this material in a way which meets customer expectation is a challenge and failing to provide such a service could undo much of the positive work elsewhere.


Shortening the supply chain by managing returns properly and efficiently by processing and reworking goods in a timely manner yields means more items sold at or close to full price.


Returns processing is demanding and distracts attention from brand-building and scaling for growth. Yet the benefits are twofold: handled correctly yields commercial efficacy and garners customer loyalty while maximising resale value and minimising losses.


Parker Lane specialises in making sense of this complex diverse stream of material allowing you to focus on building your business.


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