Parker Lane Group | Supply Chain Services
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Supply chain services



We understand the challenges you face – from the rapid globalisation and complexities of supply chain management to the greater expectations of your customers. Parker Lane’s Supply Chain Services are designed to help you create and implement innovative strategies that helps your business serve customers effectively and efficiently.

Vertically aligned store collections

Parker Lane offers store collections which overarch with our environmentally friendly store recycling initiatives. Sending redundant and damaged material back to a fulfilment centre focused primarily on forward logistics is not only costly, but inefficient.


Parker Lane suite of services offers secure store collections; material will be profiled and monetised according to a quality profile. Parker Lane will share valuable data which can shape actionable business strategies. Sales, marketing and IP considerations can be tailored according to a each brand’s requirements.


Step 1: Goods received and stored ready to be sent out.

Step 2: Stores supplied with goods.

Step 3: End of line, obsolete and damaged goods prepared to be shipped back to DC – reducing waste and value erosion.

Step 4: Parker Lane securely collects this material as part of its service suite (secure collections / asset tracking / IP considerations).

Step 5: Complementary footprint with Parker Lane’s store recycling initiatives. Store returns can be collected along with in-store recycled clothing and footwear.

Step 6: Goods sent to Parker Lane’s facilities in Poland and Tunisia for processing.


Parker Lane believes in these guiding principles:


  • Value as a performance driver.
  • Alignment – we provide tools to align core processes for operational excellence.
  • Sustainability – we understand frameworks to manage risks and opportunities for sustainable supply chain management on a global scale.


Please use the contact us page to get in touch and discuss your requirement.