Reverse Logistics

Maximum salvage rates, minimal risk and simplified complexity.

  • Returns+™

    Our unique & holistic approach to managing customer returns

    Our bespoke approach to managing returns and terminal stock provides a cost-effective and dynamic solution for retailers.

    We extract data at each touchpoint along the processing journey to ensure we are able to give each brand partner increased product visibility and key strategic insights.

    As industry experts, we look to maximise salvage rates through detailed QC and data collection, unique processing techniques and an enhanced network of secure and commercially viable stock exit routes, including recycling.

    Throughout the journey, we prioritise customer satisfaction through fast response times, efficient material handling and reimbursement services.

Key Statistics

  • ~7%

    Decrease in operational costs*

  • 30%

    Improvement In Salvage and Recovery*

  • Up to45%

    Increase in EBITDA*

*Based on previous client results

Truly Data-Driven

Analytics reporting to visualise the potential of your returns.

Our Reverse Logistics Process

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    • 4
    • Step 1

      Take in terminal stock and customer returns to QC facilities for processing and analysis.

    • Step 2

      Conduct material analysis and product recovery activities to maximise salvage rates and enable fast return to retailer sales channels.

    • Step 3

      Profile 'failed QC' stock for secondary market readiness and create distribution strategy for retailer sign-off.

    • Step 4

      Report key data and insights to improve retailer efficiencies (e.g. manufacture faults, store performance, internal QC processes).