The retail sector is a fast-paced environment that is constantly evolving and experiencing rapid growth, especially amongst Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Many older retail models no longer apply and have been usurped by ecommerce, the rising popularity of which has raised sharp margins and demanded a different set of criteria from brands and retailers.

Parker Lane Group’s pioneering consultancy services blend over a decade’s worth of industry experience with the latest AI/ML technologies, equipping you with strategic advice on how to effectively and sustainably manage your inventory in this changing retail environment.

Acting as a safe pair of hands for retail and brand partners, we guide you through the complexity of unsold returns and excess inventory. We offer a range of holistic consultancy services for excess stock and recommercing needs, from salvaging value to managing supply chains and making sure they are effective, efficient and resilient.

PLG also understands that both Brexit and Covid-19 have left retailers with unprecedented volumes of excess inventory that cannot be sold through the usual sales channels, impacting supply chains. As a seasoned operator in the field of excess stock, we are committed to supporting you through this challenging period and to utilise our expertise in mitigating their impacts on brands and retailers.

PLG’s industry consultancy services are instrumental in our mission to achieve a circular economy, support innovative business models, explore new market trends and offer sustainable services to fashion and luxury consumers.

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Retailers Have Asked Us For Help With

Excess Inventory Build-Up

Lack of Warehouse Space

Unmanaged Returns Piling Up

Transitioning Into E-Commerce

Here’s How We Can Help

Expert Advice

Industry consulting on managing and modelling excess inventory strategies

Global Reach

Presence in 60+ countries, giving you access to markets that are less impacted by Brexit or Covid-19

Data-Driven Solutions

Our in-house AI/ML technologies model business strategies on global market data, updating in real time

Risk Mitigation & IP Protection

Safeguard your supply chains against future shocks and protect perceived brand equity in your markets