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Circular luxury fashion at your fingertips

PLG’s D2C brand, rlvd, works with brands, retailers and consumers to offer a unique fulfillment for the fashion marketplace. The products are either reloved (new, excess inventory) or preloved (second-hand), allowing consumers to sustainably sell, purchase or rent luxury fashion at affordable prices.


Renting is a perfect option for shoppers who want to keep up with the latest trends in a way that’s both sustainable for the environment and their pocket.

PLG works with major luxury brands and retailers, allowing consumers to experience beautiful clothing, footwear and accessories without the commitment.

Our items are kept in top condition and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon return.

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the rlvd marketplace allows consumers to invest in a range of long-term luxury purchases.

PLG’s D2C recommerce service not only provides shoppers with a trendy new wardrobe but also sustainably generates maximum revenue for our brand partners.

As the pinnacle of luxury resale, we offer a wide range of brands to choose from. Our leading-edge material processing methodologies ensure that your rlvd purchases are in perfect condition so that you can invest in stylish garments that will last.

Our D2C Recommerce Process

We partner with brands and retailers to resell their returns and excess stock

We perform expert QC (Quality Control) tests to ensure that products are in good condition

We perform detailed QA (Quality Assurance) tests for each item to protect against counterfeit products

You leave the marketing and fulfillment with us

We quickly deliver the items to our customers


Extracting the highest value from terminal stock to increase margins

PLG also works with brands and retailers to implement a unique B2B Resale as a Service (RaaS) solution that’s easy, scalable and simplifies complexity. We understand how to make money from your unsold inventory in an efficient and transparent way.

Once your product exits the retail supply chain, we extract the highest possible value by finding the right customers for it in secondary markets, ensuring maximum revenue.

Our B2B Recommerce Process

Profile ‘failed QC’ stock for recommerce in secondary market-readiness and create distribution strategy for retailer sign-off

Distribute materials and conduct sales activities on behalf of retailer or brand partner

Share newly generated revenue with retail partner

Share detailed data & reporting insights with retailer

What makes PLG unique

Our expert QC (Quality Control), QA (Quality Assurance) and material processing methodologies are paired with an extensive global distribution in 60+ markets.

Guaranteed Brand and IP protection as we process everything at SKU level (item by item). Our end-to-end control of the supply chain ensures full traceability of where the product ends up so our retail partners can remain in control. Once something goes into our supply chain, it never goes out.

The IT systems that power our RaaS solution deliver a layer of resolve which can’t be found elsewhere. Our data-driven approach tracks provenance over your brand’s products, demonstrating the best route for value.

Core insights are consistently shared with our partners through quarterly reports, helping them make long-term decisions for their brand.