• Introducing Returns+TM

    Returns+ is a data-driven solution for managing global fashion returns. It uses the latest AI and ML technology to salvage value from excess inventory and provide key insights to improve your existing supply chain.

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  • Our Journey Together

    PLG's unique Returns+™ approach takes the costs, complexities and risks out of your supply chain using strategies that are bespoke to you.

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      Define Problem

      Working with your key stakeholders to solve the right problems.

    • 2

      Understand Commercial Sensitivities

      We understand how important it is to protect your brand. At PLG we operate solely within discreet sales channels, secure and traceable material exit routes and recycling and sustainable destruction services to ensure your brand is safe and secure.

    • 3

      Set Measures of Success

      With KPIs agreed, we ensure our solution meets your unique needs and is delivered within the expected timeframes.

    • 4

      Develop Strategic Solution

      We analyse your current operating methods to identify opportunities for improvement to achieve better results, faster.

    • 5

      Roll-out Trial

      We enter a trial phase, minimising disruption in your existing processes and gathering further insights before full roll-out.

    • 6

      Feedback Loop

      Throughout the trial period, we use our continuous improvement approach to chart progress and incorporate feedback into each stage.

    • 7

      Full Implementation

      Guided by insights, we implement the full-scale solution and continue to work as your trusted problem-solving partner.

  • What Sets Us Apart?

  • What Our Clients Say

  • Parker Lane Group are very fast and consistent compared with other solutions, it can be less than a week from first analysis to the stock being cleared.

    Our relationship with Parker Lane Group started 5 or 6 years ago, our corporation increased after a trial period ......we faced more problems with excess inventory due to Covid-19, we couldn’t manage this directly so the partnership has now scaled across Spain, Portugal and Italy.

    Outlet and Stock Business Manager | Benetton

    Parker Lane helped manage and clear any stock sent to them via recycling or non-competitive markets. I can confidently recommend Parker Lane as a solid and reliable business

    Head of UK Supply Chain | Tesco

    We have been working in partnership with PLG for over 12 months. PLG have managed various operations including destocking from pop-up stores and finding exit routes for customer returns. We are very pleased with the returns that PLG have achieved for us and they have surpassed our expectations. They are very reliable and respond quickly to find the right solution. The quarterly reports ensure transparency of information and helps us understand what value can be achieved form the stock.

    Retail and Stock Sales Manager | NA-KD

    Kiabi partnered with Parker Lane Group in 2018 to manage our terminal stock. Parker Lane are able to react quickly to our international business needs, they collaborate with transparency and they operate with a very high standard of professionalism. Parker Lane Group are part of our long-term excess stock strategy to maximise returns for Kiabi

    Overstock Manager | Kiabi

    Parker Lane’s professionalism, transparency and specialist services have supported us in making key operational changes

    Business Control Director | Tendam

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