PLG offers an end-to-end returns management solution to help you find the missing pieces of your puzzle and transform the fast-fashion supply chain.

About PLG

Our services

  • In-House Recycling & Sustainability

    We own and implement our own recycling technologies to convert unused garments into fibre; we do not outsource our recycling activities so that we can be transparent when closing the loop.

  • Excess Inventory Monetisation

    As experts in this field, we are able to extract the highest value from excess stock by leveraging our market exposure and expertise, whilst ensuring brand IP protection is of the utmost importance.

  • Quality Control

    We have stringent systems and processes that ensure we are able to salvage as much value as possible for our clients and maximise waste reduction.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Our returns management solution, Returns+™, is a low-cost UK and international fashion returns solution that not only handles customer returns and defects, but works with our clients to salvage value and gather key insights to improve their existing supply chain.

  • Data-Driven Insight

    Our streamlined processes and investment in data-harvesting technology ensure that we are able to deliver key business insights to our customers at every “touchpoint” of the returns journey. The data and insights support future decision making: from recognising patterns in production (e.g. faulty product lines), to creating meaningful reports to drive actionable strategy.

About PLG

A Breadth Of Experience

Founded in 2010, we pride ourselves in our retail and market expertise. We live and breathe the world of retail, reverse logistics and supply chains. From returned purchases to damaged goods, we help our partners to manage their excess inventory problems in a manner that is both efficient and ethical.

A Trusted Partner

We use stringent systems and tracking technology to ensure each item from our partners is fully traceable. Protecting our clients’ brand and IP is our no. 1 priority – ensuring we are a trusted partner for over 50 clients in 65+ markets.

PLG Values and Ethics

At PLG we are ambassadors of ethics and sustainability. Diversity, compliance and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We work towards zero waste goals – helping both us, and our clients, to minimise their environmental footprint.