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PLG is recognised as a subject matter expert in the fashion resale and recycling industry, earning widespread media coverage from the Financial Times to the World Economic Forum. We provide comprehensive advice to brands on managing excess stock, navigating the impacts of COVID-19, addressing environmental and ESG concerns, and dealing with Brexit-related challenges.

Our expertise was showcased during our participation in the Sustainability of the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into the fashion industry’s social and environmental impact, particularly focusing on ‘fast fashion’.

This inquiry explored the lifecycle of clothing, including carbon, resource use, water footprint, recycling methods, and ways to reduce waste and pollution. In 2018, we submitted a report to the committee, contributing recommendations that were acknowledged and incorporated by the committee, highlighting our leadership in promoting sustainability and circularity within the wider clothing industry.

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We Can Help With

Maximise Resale Revenues


Enhance your resale revenues with PLG’s omni-channel strategy, ensuring 100% sell-through by reaching customers across multiple platforms.

Effortless Resale


Let PLG’s supply chain solutions do the heavy lifting, providing an easy, seamless process for managing your resale operations without the operational hassle.

Achieve ESG Compliance


Utilise PLG’s expertise to align your resale practices with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, enhancing your brand’s sustainability profile.

Innovation & Technology


At PLG, we harness cutting-edge innovation and technology to offer solutions that are focused on delivering tangible results. Our approach combines the latest advancements with strategic insights to ensure our partners achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Solutions We Provide

Strategic Inventory Management

Offering expert consulting on devising and implementing strategies for managing and optimising excess inventory, PLG provides tailored advice to maximise efficiency and profitability in inventory handling.

Unified Global Resale Solutions

With a presence in over 60 countries, PLG simplifies the complexities of resale by integrating own channels, syndication, and B2B sales into a single unified supply chain. This global approach ensures access to diverse markets providing best-in-category results by streamlining operations and maximising reach across the globe.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage PLG’s advanced in-house AI/ML technologies for business strategies informed by real-time global market data, ensuring your decisions are both timely and informed by the latest insights.

Risk Mitigation & Brand Protection

Ensure the resilience of your supply chains against unforeseen disruptions and maintain the integrity of your brand equity across markets with PLG’s strategic risk mitigation and intellectual property protection services.