Fashion Marketplace

Circular luxury fashion at your fingertips

PLG’s direct-to-consumer marketplace,, services brands, retailers, and consumers. Our platform offers both reloved (new, excess inventory) and preloved (second-hand) luxury items. This facilitates circular selling and purchasing at accessible prices, promoting sustainable engagement in the luxury fashion market. is PLG’s luxury resale channel catering to brands, retailers, and consumers who prioritise value, circularity, and environmental sustainability.

As an online marketplace for luxury and premium goods, ensures each item is meticulously selected, quality-checked, authenticated by experts, professionally photographed, and enriched before being sold online to a growing community of advocates passionate about value and circularity.


Our comprehensive 360˚ solution service extends to syndicating items not suitable for our luxury channels, spreading them across various marketplaces to capture direct-to-consumer (D2C) value wherever possible.

We manage resale platforms on a partner’s brand domain, showcasing a mix of discounted and new items. Our strategy boosts resale value and sales, reducing reliance on expensive third-party channel fees.

Our complete supply chain management tracks products from start to finish, ensuring any unsold items are moved to PLG’s wholesale channel for a guaranteed 100% sell-through in overseas B2B markets. This approach underscores our dedication to value, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our D2C Process

We partner with brands, retailers and individuals to resell their excess stock and items.

Items are received at one of our secure facilities where we conduct expert Quality Control (QC) to ensure products are in good condition.

Where required, our expert team conducts detailed Quality Assurance (QA) and Authentication checks on each item to safeguard against counterfeit products.

Enrich data to ensure it is accurate, visible, and easily discoverable by our online community.

We ensure swift delivery by picking, packing, and shipping items quickly to our customers, along with offering customer service and handling returns to guarantee satisfaction.


PLG’s B2B service ensures full market coverage by shifting unsold D2C items, or products not suited for online sales to our B2B wholesale channel.

Operating in over 65 international markets, our strategy guarantees 100% sell-through, maximising value and delivering the highest Average Item Value (AIV) for our partners. This service offers scale, efficiency, and simplifies complexities, delivering value, visibility, and control for our partners.

Our B2B Process

Evaluate inventory and predict opportunities, work with sales teams to craft a resale strategy targeting secondary markets, and liaise with sorting teams to guarantee product readiness. Present insights and the go-to-market strategy for retailer endorsement.

Sell and fulfil orders, and manage sales activities on behalf of retailer or brand partners.

Evaluate resale performance and continuously monitor sell-through rates, employing dynamic pricing to achieve the optimal balance between conversion rates and sell-through.

Conduct monthly commercial reconciliations, sharing detailed performance data, reporting insights, and improvements with partners.

What Makes PLG Unique


With a presence in over 60 countries, PLG simplifies the complexities of resale by integrating own channels, syndication, and B2B sales into a single unified supply chain. This global approach ensures access to diverse markets providing best-in-category results by streamlining operations and maximising reach across the globe.


Leverage PLG’s advanced in-house AI/ML technologies for business strategies informed by real-time global market data, ensuring your decisions are both timely and informed by the latest insights.


We collect data at every supply chain touchpoint, including QC and fault reporting, providing actionable forensics on trends, pricing, and consumer behaviour. This empowers partners to optimise their supply chain and resale strategies, securing a competitive advantage.


Ensure the resilience of your supply chains against unforeseen disruptions and maintain the integrity of your brand equity across markets with PLG’s strategic risk mitigation and intellectual property protection services.