Parker Lane Group’s primary service is to manage and then resell customer returns and excess stock. Our Resale as a Service (RaaS) solution allows brands to outsource all physical processing, sorting, quality control and order fulfilment to PLG.

Founded in 2010, PLG was originally one of the first companies worldwide to promote a full stack recommerce solution to returns and excess inventory management. PLG has now expanded its service offering to include recycling services, bespoke industry consultancy and a D2C Marketplace,, which offers both rental and purchasing options.

PLG is present in over 60 markets worldwide, processing more than 2 million units every month.

Our Mission

Parker Lane Group (PLG) exists to provide brands, retailers and consumers with a range of opportunities aimed to extend product life cycle for as long as possible. These include resale into secondary markets, online platforms and soon our own D2C brand, Our services also include the recycling of end-of-life garments when necessary.

We use an end-to-end, data-driven approach to managing customer returns and excess stock while reducing material waste to a minimum. PLG’s unique Resale as a Service (RaaS) solution uses bespoke strategies to take the costs, complexities and risks out of supply chains.

“Our vision is to ensure that retailers are able to manage their returns and terminal stock in a way that is both commercially savvy and good for the environment. Ultimately, we are driving the fashion industry to reduce its excessive waste, extending product life cycles to encourage a circular economy.”

For retailers, PLG’s modular and flexible recommerce strategy translates to higher value returns achieved in a sustainable manner. For consumers, PLG’s marketplace platform, rlvd, allows them to purchase both price sensitive and environmentally friendly luxury fashion.

Ultimately, our omnichannel methodology helps reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint as a whole by preventing clothes from ending up in landfill or destruction.

Board of Directors

Raffy Kassardjian

Founder and CEO

Raffy has spent five years as an investor in the garment, recommerce and recycling industry before founding Parker Lane Group in 2010 and in 2021. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit; he launched his career by founding a start-up in sub-saharan Africa before eventually selling the business to Akzo Nobel. He is a thought leader in the resale sector and frequently advises major publications and companies on managing surplus stock and dealing with the impacts of Covid-19.

Aleksandra Banasik


Aleksandra joined Parker Lane Group in January 2012 as a Business Development Executive and focused on international expansion and business growth before progressing to Director of Group Sales and then Chief Operating Officer. She is in charge of sales and the global supply chain while also overseeing the company’s overall strategic planning, operational efficiency and procurement. She studied ACCA and earned a Masters degree in Management and Accounting.