Over A Decade Of Resale Excellence

PLG is dedicated to advancing the circular economy by extending the life of fashion items, significantly reducing waste, and minimising the carbon footprint. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology and deep industry insights, ensuring our partners benefit from seamless, effective solutions for managing excess stock and optimising resale opportunities.

At PLG, we value sustainability as a pathway to creating lasting value. We focus on building enduring partnerships, granting our partners the tools, transparency, and control needed to thrive in a dynamic industry landscape.

Our commitment is to not only deliver economic benefits but also to foster innovation and leadership in sustainable fashion practices, making PLG your trusted ally in building a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Mission


At Parker Lane Group, our mission is to redefine the future of fashion by maximising resale value through advanced, sustainable solutions. We are committed to empowering brands and retailers with the tools and insights needed to transform excess inventory into profitable opportunities, all while promoting environmental responsibility and circular economy principles.


Raffy Kassardjian

Founder and CEO

Raffy has spent five years as an investor in the garment, resale, and recycling industry before founding Parker Lane Group in 2010 and RLVD.com in 2021. He has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, launching his career by founding a startup in Sub-Saharan Africa before eventually selling the business to Akzo Nobel. He is a thought leader in the resale sector, frequently advising major publications, think-tanks, and governments on managing surplus stock and dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit trade-related issues.

Aleksandra Banasik


Aleksandra joined Parker Lane Group in January 2012 as a Business Development Executive and focused on international expansion and business growth before progressing to Director of Group Sales and then Chief Operating Officer. She is in charge of sales and the global supply chain while also overseeing the company’s overall strategic planning, operational efficiency and procurement. She studied ACCA and earned a Masters degree in Management and Accounting.