“We have been working in partnership with PLG for over 12 months. PLG has managed various operations including destocking from pop-up stores and finding exit routes for customer returns. We are very pleased with the returns that PLG has achieved for us and they have surpassed our expectations. They are very reliable and respond quickly to find the right solution. The quarterly reports ensure transparency of information and help us understand what value can be achieved from the stock.”

About the brand

NA-KD is a global online fashion player that also sells products through pop-up stores. NA-KD manufactures and designs a range of trendy and affordable clothing, footwear, and accessories. Founded in 2015, it is one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing companies which has established itself as a world leader in fashion and eCommerce. NA-KD boasts 3M Instagram followers and over $70M in annual sales.

The Challenge

With its rapidly growing online influence and popularity, NA-KD offers more than 500 products that are available in over 300 international retailers. As an e-commerce platform, also offers its own brands, NA-KD Trend and NA-KD Boho. NA-KD has become one of the most quoted online fashion brands on Instagram in Sweden and Germany.

“Sustainability is a key part of our mission and an integral part of our future business,” said founder and CEO Jarno Vanhatapio. NA-KD is committed to making the changes required to achieve a more circular economy and reduce its carbon footprint.

The Solution

Parker Lane Group offers NA-KD a sustainable solution for excess inventory by elongating the life cycle of the product.

PLG and NA-KD began working together in 2016. In 2018, PLG secured a permanent extension to its contract with NA-KD.

PLG is especially strong at recommercing NA-KD’s stock by finding the right customers for their products. This is done by identifying value in secondary markets and enabling the brand to make long-term decisions. Through quarterly reports, PLG provides NA-KD with key data insights which allow the brand to understand how they can gain maximum value from their stock in various markets.

Brand protection is ensured as PLG processes everything at SKU level (item by item) to offer full traceability of where the product ends up.

PLG continues to provide the brand with returns management, destocking from pop-up stores and finding exit routes for customer returns, along with a variety of other operations.

These operations are mainly processed in PLG’s warehouse facility in Poland. By using both UK and Polish sites, PLG’s solutions are much more cost-effective.

The Result

PLG’s partnership with NA-KD continuously yields high revenue by:

Processing over 50,000 units per month

Processing items across all material grades and from numerous streams

Generating 70% increase in revenue compared to NA-KD’s previous stock exit routes

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