Excess Inventory Management

“PLG has responded well to our business needs. PLG has delivered results that we’re happy with (our need to get rid of stock with dresses), due to expectations during covid… So far Parker Lane has delivered better average revenue/pcs than other partners – something we would like to see even more of.”

About the brand

Nelly.com is Scandinavia’s leading fashion and beauty e-commerce company targeted towards a younger demographic, between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. Nelly offers inclusive and glamorous clothing, shoes, underwear, swimwear, beauty products, accessories, and sportswear for every occasion.

The Challenge

Nelly boasts a wide selection of about 700 brands, including well-known international fashion houses. The company also has its own trendy brands, such as NLY Trend, NLY Shoes, NLY Lingerie, and NLY Design.

Although Covid-19 did not affect Nelly’s need to sell stock more than previous years, it did affect the brand’s need to sell dresses to B2B partners. Parker Lane Group was able to help with this impact tremendously and, even after the pandemic, Nelly will continue to be in need of this successful partnership in old stock wholesale.

The Solution

Parker Lane Group and Nelly’s relationship began in the summer of 2020. The brand was most impressed by the good revenue/pcs PLG was able to generate from their cutting-edge recommerce solutions. In November 2020, PLG secured a permanent extension to its contract with Nelly.

PLG responded very quickly and professionally to Nelly’s business needs, especially when it came to reselling excess dress stock. Nelly especially values the transparency and brand protection ensured by PLG when recommercing excess stock.

The IT systems that power PLG’s services are a key component of their recommerce process and distinguish them from their competitors. They allow for asset tracking and transparency, which are able to track provenance over the brand’s products as well as the complexities of these items and show the best route for value.

PLG ultimately understands how to make money from unsold inventory efficiently and transparently. They protect brand business and IP and maintain layers of resolve in a way that isn’t available online.

The Result

Nelly is very happy with the results brought by their revenue share partnership with PLG so far, especially in light of the brand’s expectations following Covid-19. In only the first quarter, it has led to excellent results in terms of units of stock sold in secondary markets. So far, PLG has delivered better average revenue/pcs than other partners. Nelly is excited to see the successful results which this partnership will continue to provide in the future.

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