Material Salvage & Consultancy

“Kiabi partnered with Parker Lane Group in 2018 to manage our terminal stock. Parker Lane are able to react quickly to our international business needs, they collaborate with transparency and they operate with a very high standard of professionalism. Parker Lane Group are part of our long-term excess stock strategy to maximise returns for Kiabi.”



About the Brand

Established in 1978 in the North of France, KIABI revolutionised off-the-peg fashion with the introduction of low-cost fashion for the whole family, a concept which had never been seen before. With a network of over 509 shops across the world, KIABI boasts a turnover of 2 billion euros (2019) and 2.4% growth. As a symbol of simplicity, universality and joie de vivre, KIABI proposes ranges that are created in France by an in-house team of 56 fashion designers. KIABI is France’s leading prêt-à-porter retailer with over 10,000 employees of 83 different nationalities.

The Challenge

With a network of over 509 stores in 19 countries, KIABI boasts a turnover of 2 billion euros (2019) and 2.4% growth.

KIABI is aware of the environmental footprint of its activity and is reaffirming its Social and Environmental Responsibility via the KIABI HUMAN programme, by developing ranges of ecologically designed products and a transparent supply chain.

It was important for KIABI to have a full view of their supply chain and understand how resilient and sustainable it is following the macro level shocks of both Brexit and Covid-19.

The Solution

In 2018, Parker Lane Group secured a permanent extension to its contract with KIABI France and KIABI Italy, following a highly successful three-month trial to manage the brand’s terminal stock. Since then, PLG have processed well over 2M units and are responsible for organising all shipping requirements.

PLG provided Kiabi with a complete view of their re-commerce supply chain and its robustness. This was done by supplying key data and insights into the supply chain to identify where any discrepancies may apply. By generating excess revenue through recommerce and our unique RaaS solution, PLG helps renew Kiabi’s supply chain while ensuring complete brand protection. PLG is particularly strong at educating brands and retailers through an extended consultation process. Alongside other operations, PLG also consults Kiabi logistically by utilising key insights from recommerce data. They work with the retailer to understand how to maximise revenue in different markets. For example, PLG’s data-driven approach allowed them to quickly move the business from one country to another according to Kiabi’s store expansion plan

PLG has also been able to upcycle Kiabi’s deadstock to transform it into resold clothing through expert quality control (QC) processes. PLG goes beyond returns management by dealing with faulty stock when returned items are not in resellable conditions for the prime channel. This increases material salvage rates, ultimately working towards a more sustainable supply chain.

The Result

PLG’s full partnership rollout with Kiabi supported the brand across multiple operating territories:

Processing over 2M units so far

Allowing for 100% increase in material salvage rates versus typical industry rates

Supporting Kiabi’s store expansion plan into new markets thanks to insights from recommerce data